Terms & Conditions

Subject to these Terms and Conditions you (Participant) will be eligible to trade-in your existing qualifying device (see condition 7 for details) (Trade-In, and which meets the criteria a Qualifying Trade-In) and receive up to a 300 USD/250 EURO/225 GBP/300 CHF/350 CAD reward (Reward) when you purchase a new qualifying iPro3 device (Qualifying Product) from an authorised X-Rite retailer. This offer (Promotion) is operated by a third-party service provider, Opia Limited (Promoter).

  1. The X-Rite Trade-In Promotion is valid on selected qualifying purchases of iPro devices as detailed at condition 7 (Qualifying Products) made from 00.00am GMT on the 1st February 2020 to 23.59pm BST on the 31st December 2021 (Promotional Period) (inclusive).

  2. The closing date for applications is 23.59pm BST on 30th March 2022, any applications received after this date will be deemed invalid.

  3. Claims must be registered online, and proof of purchase uploaded within 90 days from the date of purchase of the iPro3 device from X-Rite. The Qualifying Trade-in device and a copy of the claim form must be received by the Promoter within 60 days of the date the claim for a Reward is made. For the avoidance of doubt the first day of purchase indicated on the proof of purchase counts as day 1.

  4. This Promotion is open to residents of the following countries:

North America Europe Europe
United States Albania Macedonia
Canada Andorra Malta
Austria Moldova
Belgium Monaco
Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro
Bulgaria Netherlands
Croatia Norway
Czech Republic Poland
Denmark Portugal
Estonia Republic of Ireland
Finland Romania
France San Marino
Germany Serbia
Greece Slovakia
Hungary Slovenia
Iceland Spain
Italy Sweden
Latvia Switzerland
Liechtenstein United Kingdom
Lithuania Vatican City
  1. This Promotion is not open to employees of X-Rite, their agents or staff or anyone connected with this Promotion.

  2. Claims must be submitted by the end user customer only. Claims may not be submitted on behalf of customers by any intermediary.

  3. This Promotion is only open and applicable to the purchase of the following i1 Pro3 devices (Qualifying Products) and the return of the following Qualifying Trade-ins with the following trade-in rebate values:

Qualifying Products - i3 Pro or i3 Pro UV Cut and i1Pro3 and/or i1iO3

  • i1Basic Pro 3
  • i1Basic Pro 3 Plus
  • i1Photo Pro3
  • i1Photo Pro3 Plus
  • i1Publish Pro 3
  • i1Publish Pro 3 Plus
  • i1iO for i1Pro3
  • i1Basic Pro Bundle* with SKU combination either: EO3BAS/EO3AST or EO3PLBAS/EO3AST

Rebate values for purchases made within the Promotional Period

PRODUCT SKU/Description Reward (USD) Reward (EURO) Reward (CHF) Reward (GBP) Reward (CAD)
i1 Pro or i1 Pro UV Cut "Eye One" Revision A through D 300 250 300 225 350
i1 Pro 2 Revision E 300 250 300 225 350
i1iO Gen1 & Gen2 Revision A through D 300 250 300 225 350

*When a Participant purchases the X-Rite i1 Basic Pro Bundle (in either SKU configuration outlined at Table 1A above), they will be eligible for an increased Reward value (as set out below) following trade-in of an eligible device in accordance with the Promotion Terms. For the avoidance of doubt the increase Reward values shall only be due against said purchases of bundle SKU's given at Table 1A above and marked with '*'.

PRODUCT SKU/Description Reward (USD) Reward (EURO) Reward (CHF) Reward (GBP) Reward (CAD)
i1 Pro or i1 Pro UV Cut "Eye One" Revision A through D 400 325 365 290 500
i1 Pro 2 Revision E
i1iO Gen1 & Gen2 Revision A through D
  1. The Reward amounts shall be paid USD in the United States, GBP in the United Kingdom, CAD in Canada, CHF in Switzerland and EUR in countries in Europe. The Promoter will not be held responsible for any bank charges related to receiving the trade-in rebate. The cash back payment will be made via a bank transfer to the account details nominated by the Participant. Participants in the United States or Canada can also opt for the reward to be paid by cheque if preferred.

  2. The above Qualifying Trade-Ins can be identified by a printed model number on the exterior of the product. The model number will be preceded by a brand identifier such as X-Rite.

  3. The purchase price, date, and place of purchase must be clearly indicated on the invoice or receipt to be accepted. Participants failing to provide an acceptable proof of purchase will be notified via email and will have 10 days to respond before the claim is marked invalid.

  4. Provided your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email within two (2) working days. Place your Qualifying Trade-In into the box and affix the returns label to the front of the box and return the device. A postage contribution will be added to the cashback Reward for customers ($6.50 for USA, $8.25 for Canada, €6.50 for Europe, 8.00CHF for Switzerland & £6.00 for UK). The Promoter must receive the Qualifying Trade-In within 30 days of the date of the approval notification.

  5. Only one Qualifying Trade-In per Qualifying Product purchased can be accepted and a maximum of 5 units can be traded in by a Participant, business or organization during the Promotional Period.

  6. Trade-Ins cannot and will not be returned once they have been shipped as part of this Promotion.

  7. For your Trade-In to qualify for the full Reward it must be a complete unit with serial number sticker in-tact. The unit itself does not need to be operated under power. Scratches, dents, discoloration, dirt are acceptable for return of the product.

  8. Your Trade-In must have been originally purchased by you as the Participant and must not be subject to any outstanding lease agreement.

  9. Proof of posting of your Trade-In will not be accepted as proof of receipt. X-Rite cannot accept liability for any applications lost, damaged or destroyed in the post and recommend using an insured postal service.

  10. Please note we are unable to accept hand delivery of Trade-Ins.

  11. Provided that the terms and conditions of this Promotion have been met, and your Trade-in matches the description you have given, your Reward payment will be made within 14 days of validation of your claim to your bank details provided, please allow up to 5 working days for the bank transfer to arrive in your account.

  12. The Reward is inclusive of all taxes. Where this Reward payment constitutes a taxable benefit, all tax liability lies with the recipient.

  13. The instructions contained within the promotional website and the published process form part of the terms and conditions of the Promotion.

  14. We reserve the right to closely monitor usage of the promotional website, including Participants' IP addresses, so that we may identify misuse, and disqualify applications if we have reason to believe the terms of the promotion have been breached.

  15. This offer is not transferrable to another individual or business; claims will only be accepted from the original purchaser.

  16. If a claim is refused, because the Terms of the Promotion have not been met, the Promoter's decision is final.

  17. X-Rite is not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website, or other failures or damage of any kind to the extent that this prevents the Participant from or otherwise obstructs him/her in participating in the Promotion.

  18. Email address for correspondence is ipro@xriteoffers.com.

  19. X-Rite reserves the right to amend or cancel the terms of this offer without notice if circumstances make this unavoidable.

  20. Mailing address for correspondence is X-Rite Trade In, PO Box 523, Gateshead, NE8 9EN.

  21. Address for Trade-Ins:

    In Europe: X-Rite Trade In, iTadWorks IT Efficient Limited, 132 Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8TB, United Kingdom

    In the US and Canada: X-Rite Trade In, Sage Sustainable Electronics LLC, 2801 Charter Street, Columbus, Ohio 43228-4607, United States of America

Promoter: Opia Limited, Baltimore House, Abbots Hill, Baltic Business Quarter, Gateshead. NE8 3DF, United Kingdom. Please do not send any applications or promotional correspondence to this address as it will not be responded to.

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