Below are the products that may be traded in as part of the promotion.

Please follow the shipment instructions your receive once your claim is approved to send off your trade in device, ensuring to send this within 60 days from the approval of your claim.

Qualifying Trade Ins
X-Rite 500Series
X-Rite 939 962, 964
X-Rite (or GretagMacbeth) SpectroEye, SpectroEye LT
X-Rite (or GretagMacbeth) DensiEye 100, 700, 750
X-Rite SP60, SP62, SP64
X-Rite XTH
GretagMacbeth (or Gretag) D19C / D196
Ihara R710, R720, R730
TechkonSpectroDens Basic
TechkonSpectroDens Advanced
TechkonSpectroDens Premium
Techkon SpectroJet
KonicaMinolta FD-5, FD-7

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